Glob Trotters: Endless Runner


Glob Trotters: Endless Runner - free game runner for android platform, where you have to help a very dear stranger looked like a jelly to protect their planet from the other aliens. Gameplay is very simple.

The essence of the game is that your character running around the orbit of its small planet, collecting orange and blue substance in the form of drops. Since humanoid changes color, the blue substance can only be collected when it is blue, and orange - orange when it respectively. The color can be changed by pressing the screen. As you advance the game will become more complicated, because the speed of alternation of colors will increase, so you need to hold out as long as possible. In the center of the planet is a counter that counts the number of collected substances. New characters can be unlocked when a sufficient number of substances.

The main properties of the game Glob Trotters: Endless Runner:

- Endless gameplay

- Good design in a beautiful graph

- Positive nice animation

- A large number of cute characters

- Easy handling with one touch

- The best results are placed in the table of champions

Negative characteristics of the game Glob Trotters: Endless Runner:

- A slight Donat

- A bit of advertising

- Too simple gameplay without claims

Summary: The game should be used as an unassuming time-killer on the condition that you noramlno treat simple and routine.


Download Glob Trotters: Endless Runner apk Free 39 MB version 1.3

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