Last Horizon

Game Arcade Space Flying


Last Horizon - platform game for Android from the developer Noodlecake Studios Inc ,, which is known to users of the popular game Zombie Road Trip, from which today's game created in the genre of arcade games, has nothing to do.

Something happened on our planet Earth, and you're the last Earthman, appeared in today's escape pod, which plies the endless expanses of space in search of a new home for you. Why is this difficult and rather important mission entrusted it to you?

According to the storyline you'll move from planet to planet, collecting samples of surface soil, as long until you find a suitable pattern for life. Your path in outer space would be fraught with difficulties. You have to move so as to avoid collisions with cosmic bodies, such as comets, asteroids and others. Another difficulty is that the capsule can not fly forever, it needs refilling, so each planet can replenish resources, and the more often you do it, the better. In a collision during flight or upon landing may be damaged lining of the capsule, which can be repaired, landing on any planet, but it should be, carefully choosing the place, because in your navigation device is missing. Avoid planting, for example, ponds or swamps.

Key features of the game Last Horizon:

- Fun gameplay

- Beautiful space images

- Used in the design of good animation and qualitative physics

- Support for the four game modes

- Corresponding to nice music

Negative characteristics of the game Last Horizon:

- The game fee - the cost of $ 3

- Trial missing

Summary: If you are one of those users who do not spare the money to interesting game projects, and prefer to spend some quiet time, the gameplay, this game is for you.

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