Frog Candys Yum-Yum


Frog Candys Yum-Yum - free game for the Android platform, which clearly resembles another game where the main character was a charming monsters Am Yum, but here the main character - a cute frog named Yum Yum, able to fly, and then a multi- many bright candy. The game is declared as a race, but more like a runner.

The game is nicely decorated, with nice gameplay and a soundtrack, it certainly like users of different ages. The challenge is to overcome a certain area, collect candy and bonuses, for which you can pump the main character or buy useful items that can be able to pass at the next level. Each level is supplemented by something new, but despite this the gameplay is still simple and rather monotonous. By all measures, the game is more suitable for children.

Key features of the game Frog Candys Yum-Yum:

- A lot of game levels, each of which contains something of their own

- Lots of useful bonuses

- A lot of different enemies and dangerous bosses

- A lot of sweets

Negative characteristics of the game Frog Candys Yum-Yum:

- Paid content

Summary: The repetition of the theme of eating sweets does not honor the developers, although in general the game is simple and pleasant.

Download Frog Candys Yum-Yum apk Free 27.9 MB version 1.0.0

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