Duck's Inferno


Duck's Inferno - a game for the Android platform from the developer GROm Games, made ​​in the genre of the vertical runner. It is based on a mystical storyline, according to which some duck fell into the pot, which is hell. The duck flew out of the boiler, but with a new image - with tremendous teeth and scythe in hand, that looks pretty scary. Your task is to moving vertically, to destroy anyone who gets in the way, slashing scythe or eating, what big teeth and need.

The upward movement is very complicated by various obstacles and hazards, such as, for example, falling clumps of fire or lava erupted by some creatures. It is necessary to constantly monitor the status of the green strip, which is something of a power indicator. When the green bar will disappear, you have to go back down to replenish energy and fight at the same time with the strange creatures with green balls, which is the carrier of energy. The higher the rise, the harder you fall, do not forget about this rule.

Key features of the game Duck's Inferno:

- A full action gameplay

- Extraordinary design

- Good animation

- Excellent sound

- Clear and easy control

- A variety of bonuses and regular promotions

Negative characteristics of the game Duck's Inferno:

- Donat

- Advertising

Summary: The free project with cheerful dynamic gameplay and stunning soundtrack with a claim to popularity.


Download Duck's Inferno apk Free 44.5 MB version 1.0.6

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