Lost Echo

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Lost Echo - platform game for Android from the developer from Greece KickBack. The version released earlier for iOS, has collected many accolades. This gaming product has many advantages, but there are some drawbacks, one of them a game fee.

What is immediately obvious - this is a great story with a shocking ending, full of secrets and unexpected twists and excellent design. Let's start with the plot. A man and a woman, two protagonists met in a cafe to discuss some important issues. Suddenly a bright ray of light illuminates the screen explosion visitors in panic ... When he awoke in the hospital a man inquires about his companion, but is it nobody knows anything and not heard. His questions are extremely surprised doctors. In this situation, the man, the main character in the game - the only one who knows and remembers his friend, because all the information, evidence of its existence is erased. During the game you need to find out what was the secret weapon of the government or aliens, or just a hallucination.

Now, about the design. It is simply superb and can impress even experienced users are very detailed graphics beautifully detailed locations, thoughtful actions of the characters. Beautifully drawn, big metropolis and the surrounding wildlife.

Key features of the game Lost Echo:

- The gameplay is based on a thrilling story

- Support for the two levels of difficulty

- The perfect design in a very detailed schedule

- Unique soundtrack

- Clear and simple operation

- A lot of dialogue, and available in Russian

- The absence of any in-game purchases

Negative characteristics of the game Lost Echo:

- The full version of the game is $ 3, there is no demo version

Summary: Not just good, but very good game, such as few in the market of digital entertainment, so it should definitely buy and try.


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