Knife Run 2016


Knife Run 2016 - a game for the Android platform from the developer Pixel Division Ltd. from Russia, the runner up in the genre in which the main character runs somewhere and kill the enemies, the Nazis during the Second World War, he meets on his way. For punishment your character does not use a firearm or crossbow only with knives, knuckle-dusters and other knives. This runner can be called a bloody hardcore.

The game is not the plot, which is typical for runners, but has a purpose - to make a diversion in a Nazi bunker broken so the plans of the Nazis. You have to run through the gloomy corridors of the bunker, which is full of Nazi paraphernalia, overcoming obstacles such as drawers, doors and other things, and quickly destroy the enemy.

Key features of the game Knife Run 2016:

- The original idea for the runner

- Excellent design for high-quality graphics

- Tasks and missions to perform

- The ability to get the title

- A large arsenal of bladed weapons

- The opportunity to compete with your friends

Negative characteristics of the game Knife Run 2016:

- The presence of Donati

- Gameplay may soon get bored

Summary: This game is recommended fans exciting runners, fans of military subjects.

Download Knife Run 2016 apk Free 51.41 MB version 1.4

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