Ski Safari 2


Ski Safari 2 - fun platform game for Android, which is a logical continuation of a very popular part of the previous that have downloaded more than 140 million times.

The essence of the game remains the same, namely, you have to go down the mountain on skis or snowboard, performing at the same time all sorts of tricks, for which points are provided and huskies in social networks. The game provides an opportunity to perform four different somersaults, and to try out all of them, you have to devote to the game, not hours and days.

Your descent will take place in the beautiful surroundings of winter nature, but in the mountains often avalanches. You will meet with a snowman, funny penguins and mammoths, yes, they are not extinct, but simply took refuge in a secret place.

You can go in two completely new areas, not related to the ski slopes. You can be in the Jurassic period, and tornadoes in the canyon, where you will find many exciting and fun.

It is possible to play simultaneously on four wi-fi. You can arrange fights with friends snowballs or add someone from their penguin to ski.

Key features of the game Ski Safari 2:

- An interesting story Happy

- Many possibilities

- Meetings with representatives of wildlife

- For the game do not pay

Negative characteristics of the game Ski Safari 2:

- Presence of a small Donata

- More flawed optimization for various devices

Summary: a worthy continuation of a very popular part of the previous games, which allow you to have fun and be happy to spend a lot of gameplay hours.


Download Ski Safari 2 apk Free 48.3 MB version

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