Pixel Survive


Pixel Survive - a game for the Android platform from AruStudio, made ​​in the genre of classical pixel platformer. The game offers you to survive in the pixel world.

According to the story line the main character acquires a house in which they live monsters, but this information and that creates monsters in trouble every night, the seller has hidden, thereby deceiving your hero. Unwilling to part with his new acquisition, your character, rather than to leave this horrible place forever, trying to survive and defeat monsters. He begins the process of preparation and defense, mining resources and sets traps for monsters.

The game has a certain development - first, will increase the number of monsters that will be modified, and secondly, you can use the new traps, and there will be a defensive tower. With each new level the game will become more complicated.

Main characteristics and advantages of the game Pixel Survive:

- Classic Style

- Attractive pixel graphics

- The variety of traps and obstacles

- A large number of enemies

- Friendly controls

Negative characteristics of the game Pixel Survive:

- A slight Donat

- A very high level of complexity

Summary: the speaker, the high level of complexity and diversity very favorably distinguish this game from other arcade games and games of survival, giving it a competitive advantage.


Download Pixel Survive apk Free 25.43 MB version 1.543

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