iHunt Zombies


iHunt Zombies - a game for the Android platform from the developer TriggerWave, which offers hunting zombies though still a developer specialized in harmless game products primarily for children.

Game iHunt Zombies zombie hunting is made ​​in the genre of classic tyrant who is prohibited to move and you have to shoot with the appropriate level of the position of plus or minus one or two meters. The first shot attracts zombies, and they start moving in your direction, and here you need to show speed of their response and show their skills shooting.

As such, the story of the game is not available, and a special developer's imagination is different, because the game similar location, repetitive enemies and at the same time a large variety of weapons. You start with rifles and other weapons, which very much need to buy either Donat, either accumulated during missions money.

Key features of the game iHunt Zombies:

- A classic shooting

- Hunting for zombies

- A huge selection of various weapons

Negative characteristics of the game iHunt Zombies:

- The same type of enemies and locations

- Small buggies

- Symbolic Donat

Summary: The fact that the game Donut symbolic and it does not have to pay, may draw the attention of members to this ordinary Tyre with similar locations, missions and enemies.

Download iHunt Zombies apk Free 45.95 MB version 1.0

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