Draco trouble


Draco trouble - platform game for Android in which funny and kind dragon wants to find his beloved. You have to have a dragon and help carry it through the beautiful locations, where he faces various obstacles that must be overcome and enemies, with whom we must fight. You will pass along with the dragon through the forest undergrowth, across deserts, through the depths of the sea, even the exit into open space, where you are waiting for the insidious witch, marine predators, bloodthirsty aliens and other enemies. Dragon has extraordinary abilities, and he has a fiery breath, which you can use to defeat enemies and powerful bosses.

Key features of the game Draco trouble:

- Gameplay 10 levels of interest

- Beautiful multicolor graphics

- Friendly controls

- Funny protagonist

- The possibility of improving the hero

- The opportunity to fight with a strong boss


Download Draco trouble apk Free 39.91 MB version 4

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