Portal Of Doom: Undead Rising


Portal Of Doom: Undead Rising - game for android platform from the developer Poison Games, which in their projects prefer something terrible and gloomy. That game Portal Of Doom: Undead Rising is not an exception, it can be called gloomy shooter. The game is made in the genre of Sci Fi Horror.

Appreciate the gaming product will probably fans of classic shooters like Doom, because many of the game may not like it at all because of the gruff gameplay, the graphics are not the first freshness, due mainly gray and gloomy tones. The most valuable thing in the game - it's the atmosphere.

According to the storyline action takes place in 2177, when space exploration has become commonplace, leading to an increase in the number of space stations and therefore jobs to them. The main character - an unemployed person who is looking for work in any space station to be responsible for security, and who is willing to be involved in any conflict situation to resolve it. With the nearest space station receives a distress call, and our hero is sent there to make money.

Having made dock with the space station, your character knows what happened here that something was wrong, because there is no light, and no one came out to meet, lies the corpse of the station personnel, and the inscription «WELCOME» spattered with blood. Your hero was not the timid and did not run away, and began to find out what happened at the station, making the way for its dark corridors and a flashlight to light the way.

Key features of the game Portal Of Doom: Undead Rising:

- The gameplay is built on more than 30 long levels

- A large number of monsters

- A wide choice of weapons to fight with monsters

- The right sound happening

- Convenient operation

- The availability of multiplayer

- Does not contain Donat

- For the game do not pay

Negative characteristics of the game Portal Of Doom: Undead Rising:

- The presence of advertising

Summary: The game is sure to appeal to those who prefer a full-fledged shooter thiram, who did not oppress the gloomy space stations and the monsters who love to solve the dark secrets and is willing to destroy the enemies of the crowd.


Download Portal Of Doom: Undead Rising apk Free 42.51 MB version 1.0

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