Owl Can not Sleep!


Owl Can not Sleep! - Platform game for Android from the developer Orangenose Studio, made ​​in the genre runner - or rather, the so-called "skipping rope", where the main character - a cute owl who loves adventure and sleeps during the day.

Since owls - a nocturnal predator, the night they get their food and sleep during the day. In this game does not come overnight, all the while day. Owl and wanted to sleep, but you can not, or she will die, so your main task is to keep the owl to sleep. If you fail to take the necessary actions, as necessary, the owl will turn into beef, top or bottom does not matter. Due to the fact that this "skipping rope", as well as any other runner, is infinite, then there will be many dead owls, which makes the game a little cruel.

What is the essence of the game? First owl sitting on a green island. Since owls used to sleep during the day, you and your owl will start to fall asleep, and once the top will be a new island. You need not to give the owl to sleep with her and jump on this new island. Each time the islands are at different heights, so you need to calculate the power jump. Jump too high or too weak, the owl dies.

Key features of the game Owl Can not Sleep !:

- A simple but very nice graphics

- Easy operation

- For the game do not pay

- Lack of Donati

Negative characteristics of the game Owl Can not Sleep !:

- The game is pretty brutal

- The presence of advertising, but not intrusive

Summary: cute and very nice ranner- "skipping rope", as, indeed, all the games that released games Orangenose Studio.


Download Owl Can not Sleep! apk Free 31.29 MB version 1.2

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