Murderer Online


Murderer Online - a game for the android platform for users older than 18 years. This is not just a whim of developers 1Games, the game contains really violent scenes and caused consternation for users from the first screen.

In accordance with the plot unequal struggle going on between the bloodthirsty killer with an ax or other equally dangerous murder weapon in hand and beauty, which is only able to scream hysterically, running away and crawl. The idea, apparently, is quite simple, but causes acute sense of fear, and for many will be an incredible feeling pursuer.

Your task - to choose the role of either a persecutor or victim, according to what you have to either run away or chase. Once the choice is made, you are transported into the online mode in a huge mansion, where a lot of rooms and frightening situation is somewhat reminiscent of the movie Silent Hill, horror which every minute is pumped some shouts, groans and unexpected encounters.

If you have identified the role of a killer, you need to have room for bypassing the bathroom, to find their prey. If you have chosen the role of the victim, then you need to, going from room to room, collecting coins and hoped that the meeting with the killer does not, and it is impossible to anticipate, because it is the will of the case, and this is even worse.

Key features of the game Murderer Online:

- A lot of cruelty and fear

- If playing with headphones, you can hear the palpitations

- If you remove the game from your device, then return to it again, it is impossible

Negative properties games Murderer Online:

- The presence of Donati, which does not affect gameplay, but it allows you to buy different killers

To play you must provide good access to the Internet.

Summary: The game is full of cruelty and horror of genuine online to be "mine", which is not easy.


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