We Heroes - Born to Fight


We Heroes - Born to Fight - platform game for Android in which you will be able to once again demonstrate their abilities to save the world. You have to form a team of skilled heroes and defeat the evil that threatens the world, all sorts of demons and other immoral character, to fight that were thrown bravest knights and wizards, and other heroes who know their job and are ready to fight the forces of evil.

The game is declared as a "role", so each character has specific skills, experience, and the tree of knowledge, for it provided equipment. The game provides you with a three character classes - mage, warrior and archer, and the team can include up to five participants, so it is important to form a team in such a way that the combination of the characters did your team one of the strongest.

Key features of the game We Heroes - Born to Fight:

- The gameplay is organized into more than 100 levels

- A large number of characters with exceptional properties

- Pleasant in all respects schedule

- The opportunity to join the guild

- The opportunity to unite with friends

- The ability to receive gifts every day

- You can play for free

Negative characteristics of the game We Heroes - Born to Fight:

- Automatic battles

- A large number of Donati

Summary: The negative characteristics of the game, namely automatic battle and availability Donata may hurt its popularity, despite the beautiful graphics and lots of different characters.


Download We Heroes - Born to Fight apk Free 47.23 MB version 0.1.2

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