Big Bear


Big Bear - a game in the genre of arcade games for the platform Android from the developer Super Awesome Inc. Game Big Bear, very similar to the popular game Fruit Ninja, introduces you to the polar bear, who had to leave their homes and find themselves in an unfamiliar place.

What offers the storyline? The protagonist, a big white bear living in the vast icy expanses of the north. Bear was on a huge breakaway ice floe and swept into the sea. Rowed a great distance, the ice floe with the bear reached the shore of the picturesque island in a warmer climate. The island was warm, beautiful, and vodilos a lot of fish. Hungry for a long journey on the seas and oceans, bear went hunting, but despite the fact that food on the island for him was enough, get it not so easy, because on this island there are many other bears, who ungraciously are intruders and otherwise defend their territory. As weapons have bears only his sharp claws.

We can say that the game has a certain cruelty, because your main objective is to cut apart fishies that appear on the screen. With each new level increases the number of fish, turtles and there are bombs that do not need to be cut, and the level ends with a boss battle. The game provides training to help you understand its features.

Key features of the game Big Bear:

- Nice graphics

- Excellent animation

- Angry, but cute bears

Negative characteristics of the game Big Bear:

- A certain degree of cruelty

- Donut, but very little

- A lot of banner advertising

Summary: The game is able to find its niche in the market of digital entertainment, because it is very nice and quite addictive.


Download Big Bear apk Free 32.94 MB version 1.4.12

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