Angel Sword

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Angel Sword - role-playing game for the Android platform from the developer DVide Arts Incorporated, which invites you on an exciting journey through the vast open world, where you will meet with a variety of characters, the ordinary and the fallen angels.

The main character is one of the angels, and the plot is based on the legend of the sword of justice, which was forged by the gods themselves. A dark wizard stole the sword, so the gods sent to earth a host of angels to find him. In the middle of the sword, and is your main task in this game.

The game contains a large number of exciting quests and other interesting tasks that you need to perform. You have to pump your hero, equip it and wear, which provides a huge selection of weapons and ammunition. There is also the opportunity to personalize the hero. You can choose the color, wings and make him a tattoo.

Key features of the game Angel Sword:

- Huge open world, which is the main feature of role-playing game

- A large number of characters

- The opportunity to play with other players online

- Good graphics

Negative characteristics of the game Angel Sword:

- The game fee - the cost of 6.5 dollars

- The presence of a powerful Donati

- Mid-level study of the world and detailing

To play you need to provide access to the Internet.

Summary: The role-playing game, which certainly deserves your attention if you're willing to pay for it.


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