Musiverse - platform game for Android from the developer Pocket Games ltd.Nelzya diminish the role and importance of the soundtrack for most games, but many of the games do not contain it, and in some it is jarring. To solve this problem, you can run in the background your playlist, and turn off the music in the game.

What offers game Musiverse? You can choose your favorite music from your music library and enjoy it, to take part in exciting races, the track will be built on the basis of the chosen music, and each turn or overcoming obstacles will be accompanied by musical differences, so every track will be unique. You will be able to see how your favorite music is transformed into a space in which you are moving.

The game is characterized by good dynamic, performed in the beautiful graphics and will give you pleasure.

Key features of the game Musiverse:

- It contains several levels of difficulty

- New tasks every day

- Several types of control

- Stunning graphics

- The ability to create your own music

- The ability to play using your own playlist

- Ability to integrate on Facebook

- For the game do not pay

Negative characteristics of the game Musiverse:

- The presence of Donati

- Authorization Only with Facebook

Summary: A very entertaining game, a perfect gift to fans of racing and music lovers.


Download Musiverse apk Free 22.23 MB version 1.1

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