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PAC-MAN CE DX - game from developer BANDAI NAMCO for the Android platform, which had previously been available on iOS, Windows and the PS, so many of you have had to play it. Now you have the opportunity to do it on their mobile device, tablet or phone.

The developers kept the atmosphere of the game and did not alter it in 3D or other formats. Of course, the game has changed a bit, but accepted that it is very important not worse than the original source. The fans will be glad that the gameplay is virtually not changed, remaining relevant, despite the fact that the game in general many years. Save and protagonist - Yellow "bun." He was rolling on the intricate maze of constantly eating dots and fruits and saved from ghosts.

Each level need to go for some time, it does not run into the ghost and score the maximum possible points. It should be noted that a record number of points collected is quite difficult. From time to time, when the "bun" eats fruit or a ghost appear at new points.

Key features of the game PAC-MAN CE DX:

- A huge number of levels, differing in design and construction

- Rather complicated, fascinating and very active gameplay

- Pleasant modern arrangement of the classic soundtrack

- Many possibilities

- Very good management, clear and responsive

Negative characteristics of the game PAC-MAN CE DX:

- The game fee - it costs $ 5

Summary: a terrific game, which belongs to the classics of the gaming industry and worth paying the money that requested the developer.


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