Taichi Panda


Taichi Panda - very modern great role-playing game for the Android platform from the developer Snail Games USA. Huge world, attacked by evil forces, needs your protection. To do this, you will have interesting characters, each of which has exceptional properties and skills.

The game is based on a fascinating storyline, according to which the main character has the skills of the assassin. The main hero of the Panda may be, but if you do not like, you can choose a character from the provided abundance of characters.

Game Taichi Panda has some similarities with the game World of Warcraft, which can be called a leader of the genre, that's only World of Warcraft available on your mobile device.

Key features of the game Taichi Panda:

- Adventures

- Fresh and very beautiful graphics

- Wonderful animation

- Detailed characters

- A huge number of different skills and characteristics

- The possibility of buying pets

- A vast arsenal of weapons for the battle with opponents

- The game is translated into many languages

- Support for online mode

Negative characteristics of the game Taichi Panda:

- The presence of Donati, without which virtually no cost, no one RPG

Summary: You can say that this is one of the best role-playing games for android platform, very beautiful and with a lot of different opportunities. She has to be in your collection of games, especially if you - a fan of the genre.


Download Taichi Panda apk Free 44.83 MB version 2.3

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