Line: Dragonica mobile


Line: Dragonica mobile - platform game for Android in which you will feel like a brave knight, omnipotent magician or a cunning thief, depending on what kind of main character you choose, because each of them has its own style of play and the exceptional characteristic of only this I mean characters abilities. You have to perform a lot of interesting missions and tasks for the destruction of monsters, which you need to use a personal hero skills and devastating combos. In the victory over the powerful bosses can get a legendary weapon as a reward, but it is also possible to acquire the main character clothing and accessories.

Key features of the game Line: Dragonica mobile:

- Many adventures and battles

- Exciting missions and tasks

- A choice of three types of actors

- A huge amount of wardrobe items

- An opportunity to improve the hero

- The opportunity to fight with the bosses and with other players

To play you need to download cache, address: sdcard / Android / data / and secure access to the Internet.


Download Line: Dragonica mobile apk Free 39.52 MB version 1.1.11

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