Mountain Goat Mountain


Mountain Goat Mountain - a game for the Android platform in the format "skipping rope". The essence of any skipping rope to climb to the maximum height. "Prygalok" in the world of computer entertainment are many, among them is different - better and worse. The most popular game - is Doodle Jump, but they are all made ​​using 2D technology, the developers of the game and Mountain Goat Mountain used the 3D technology, and it turned out stunning.

You will manage a mountain goat, which is perfectly suited to climb to great heights by jumping through the mountains. The mountains look amazing in blocks located in different planes, so jump diagonally fail. Some blocks appear as black stones, are dangerous blocks, which in any case can not be delayed because they are destroyed as soon as they jump. If your kid falls or fall into the pit, he will die. Another kid could lose a life if it is not fed. There are blocks with a green lawn and tall grass, which will be excellent fodder for goats. On top of falling logs and stones have to dodge, because they can strike dead goat to death.

Every 10 meters, which will be able to climb up the goat, with your help, give special flag. From time to time there are coins, which you need to collect, because for them it is possible, for example, to buy a new suit goat, and then change the world, for example, a certain futuristic desert location will change.

Key features of the game Mountain Goat Mountain:

- Pretty exciting "skipping rope"

- A large number of scenic locations

- Multiple control options

- Download free

Negative characteristics of the game Mountain Goat Mountain:

- Availability of decent Donat

- The presence of advertising

Summary: One of the most beautiful and fun prygalok, especially if you do not forget that the competition in 3D at it there is little, so if you are not afraid of advertising and Donata - download necessary so you can do it free of charge.


Download Mountain Goat Mountain apk Free 46.35 MB version 1.2.41

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