Angry Birds 2


Angry Birds 2 - a game for the Android platform, the second part of the most popular (the number of downloads is approaching polumilliardny mark!) And the famous game Angry Birds from developer Rovio. Of course, a lot of users long-awaited release of the second part of the game, despite the fact that the variations of the game in the market of computer games very much.

Compared with the first part of the game schedule in the second part it became objectively better, but again there is a negative point - now the game uses more battery power. The game has a rain, fog and other effects. When you're running a red bird, destroying construction debris flying in all directions, spilling some confetti and blows more than a dozen fireworks. Is it good or not - a moot point, someone will not like this too much.

The physics in the game is good, but it corrupts slowdown occurring when the bird is constantly in some Slow Mood mode, which sometimes is not just annoying, and even angry. Overall, the gameplay has not undergone changes, while remaining essentially the same - throw and destroy.

One gets the impression that the game was somehow easier. There were bosses who differ little from large pig and not so terrible and powerful, in general, easily pobedimye.

Main characteristics and advantages of the game Angry Birds 2:

- Levels are divided into two phases

- The ability to choose the next attack birds

- The birds have new opportunities

- There is a boss

- For the game still does not have to pay

Negative characteristics of the game Angry Birds 2:

- Simplification of the game

- A rather trivial design levels

- I do not quite understand the process of scoring

- There is a definite slowdown, especially birds, that annoying

- Has more Donat

Summary: The evaluation of a product is, in any case, subjective, because what is being done in terms of one or another person, so it is necessary to download the game and make your own opinion, not everyone likes when everything explodes on the screen, flickers and twitches.


Download Angry Birds 2 apk Free 28.88 MB version 2.0.1

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