League of Stickman

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League of Stickman - game for the Android platform in the slasher genre, for the uninitiated - slasher can be defined as a derivative of the fighting game. Two-dimensional game League of Stickman established developer DreamSky, which made ​​the game somewhat rustic, because the world is not quite dark and full of beautiful scenery, and all the characters are black silhouettes.

Selection of the characters, as well as the enemies are very wide and varied, but at the Donat. Apart from the fact that the game is paid, it still contains extensive Donat, and in spite of this fact, the number of downloads of the game is approaching 50 thousand.

According to the scene the forces of darkness, break free, destroying everything in its path, and there are heroes who are willing to stand up for what is right and fight with a powerful enemy army. Implementation of good, despite the use of 2D technology. The developers have added a game something like a role-playing games, giving you the opportunity to equip your hero ammunition. If you choose, for example, only the weapon, it will aggressively attack, but would weaken protection, so the best option is an optimal balance of weapons, artifacts and so on.

According to the developers the game League of Stickman is characterized by such basic properties:

- The best and the most anticipated action in 2015 (you can bet)

- Excellent graphics (you can bet)

- Easy operation (true)

- A lot of different characters (the truth)

- Participant of the world rankings (and it's true)

Objectively, the shortcomings of the game League of Stickman:

- The picture is quite miserable, that spoils the visual perception

- The animation is poor

- The presence of the ubiquitous Donat

- For the game you have to pay a little less than a dollar

Summary: "two-faced" slasher - one person stylish and diverse, but visually not super, and the second - and paid or given, so the solution for you, taking into account the fact that the number of downloads is quite large for a paid game.


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