Storm Rush

Game Arcade runner


Storm Rush - runner for the Android platform from the developer Popcorn Entertainment Limited, made ​​in classic style. Your job is just to, dodging, to react to the constantly evolving red high poles. React need very quickly, because the account is conducted on the second. Points will be awarded, counted only the time, and how long you have held can be found only after colliding with a pillar.

Before starting level carefully laid tiles that make up the expensive, which you have to move, overcoming obstacles. Plates polished so that reflects the world - it is immaculate and charming sea surface clouds that dazzle, if not for the need to concentrate all their attention on the passage of the route. In general, nothing complicated - you and your reaction and road obstacles. Improve nothing.

Main characteristics and advantages of the game Storm Rush:

- Very beautiful

- Moderately difficult

- With stunning dynamics

- Kind of "out of sight"

Negative characteristics of the game Storm Rush:

- Dynamism requires certain resources, so a very powerful mobile devices gameplay will take place without problems, and can be a powerful lags that result in accident

- Classical performance can waft boredom

- The game is paid, the price is a little less than two dollars

Summary: If you own a very powerful mobile devices like dynamic runners and enjoy the beautiful picture, and willing to pay a little money for the game, this game is certainly for you.


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