Digaway - game for the Android platform on the subject of mines and extraction of resources from the developer Mavirtual, who performed the game flat, in a format 2D, with pixel graphics, as in the legendary game Minecraft. It must be said that the use of 2D technology - is not entirely negative decision, firstly because easier to orient, and secondly, because there is less load on the device, and third, because it is possible to make a more convenient operation and, finally, because Flat World is suitable for any smartphone or tablet.

The game opens up in front of you a huge world full of adventure, in which you, armed with a sword and a pick, and go in search of prey resources. You do not have to build anything from extracted resources, for the extraction of any resource is transformed into a certain number of points. For each resource - its certain number of points. For these points you can buy new tools and other items you need. It should be noted some monotony and vapidity gameplay, but rather for those who are not interested in this game direction.

The updates to the game developer promises some additions and modifications, such as, for example, the opportunity to fight with the bosses, build your own house, to expand resources for production, making full-fledged dungeons.

Key features of the game Digaway:

- Comprehensive 2D world where you need to collect resources, collect coins and kill monsters

- A huge number of cards

- Easy management

- The ability to change the appearance of the main character

- The absence of any Donat

- Absolutely free download

Negative characteristics of the game Digaway:

- Not everyone may like pixel art

- Is a little dull and featuring a variety of gameplay, but the promised update may fix this flaw

Summary: The game can be quite addictive, becoming a "flat» Minecraft developer in the implementation of additions and modifications.

Download Digaway apk Free 3.68 MB version 1.01

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