Dude Perfect 2


Dude Perfect 2 - the second part of the game for the android platform. Immediately it should be noted for those who are already familiar with the first part of it, the game is much better in terms of graphics, physics, and other things of the world, and most importantly, the game was free, that immediately resonated with gamers - the number of downloads is approaching the mark of 10 million . The second part of the game was created by the developer Miniclip.com, which is quite familiar to users of the popular game Plague Inc.

In the game you play basketball, so your goal is to shoot the ball into the ring. The problem is rather complicated, because you need to calculate the trajectory of the ball, to assess where and how much of ricocheted. In addition, the ring is hidden behind all sorts of obstacles and complex designs that at every level of the game design reminiscent of Angry Birds. The game was exciting with the complex and varied tasks. You can play for one of the five friends of the project participants Dude Perfect.

Key features of the game Dude Perfect 2:

- The gameplay is organized on 90 levels

- A huge number of exciting jobs

- Excellent design in the beautiful graphics

- An interesting sound

- Play for free

Negative properties Dude Perfect Game 2:

- There Donat, which applies to energy

- Problems with optimization

Summary: playful game, which can be a great time, and if you liked the first part, the second swing required.


Download Dude Perfect 2 apk Free 31.66 MB version 1.0.2

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