Vainglory - lively game genre MOBA-platform android developers from Riot and Blizzard. APPLE demonstrated it in September 2014 Special Event Keynote. The game invites you to the beautifully designed world to take part in a fun 20-minute matches. The game is made in full accordance genre, there is everything: the game is on the line, and the sudden attack and capture control points, and team battles.

The game contains 3 3 gameplay for multiplayer battles. In it you can compete with real players, playing strong characters, each of which has certain properties and abilities. Your task is to defeat the real enemy and destroy their base. Excellent control quickly responds to your actions.

Key features of the game Vainglory:

- The gameplay is not limited

- An insane amount of polygons on the game map

- Genre Action involves the active

- The perfect design in a stunning plot

- Very comfortable, almost intuitive operation

- Dynamic 20-minute matches

- Play for free

- Powered by EVIL ENGINE

For the game need to ensure a constant connection to the network.


Download Vainglory apk Free 9.73 MB version Release

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