Never alone: ​​Kisima ingitchuna


Never alone: ​​Kisima ingitchuna - platform game for Android, based on the history of the Inuit, which Nun girl and her best friend, the white fox, must save his village from the incessant blizzard that threatens to destroy not only the village, but the whole world. You have to defeat the evil spirits and to overcome obstacles in different locations: in the icy tundra, in the forest, frostbitten, and others. By controlling the characters, you can switch from one to the other, ie, girl with her friend, and vice versa, without forgetting that each of them has exclusive properties and abilities that will help you to overcome various obstacles.

Key features of the game Never alone: ​​Kisima ingitchuna:

· Plot story that can cause tenderness

· Beautiful design in perfect schedule

Interesting characters

· Game fee

To play you need to download cache, address: sdcard / Android / obb /, as well as Nvidia Shield Controller.



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