Rush Star: Bike Adventure


Rush Star: Bike Adventure - a new exciting runner on steep motorcycle platform android.

In accordance with the plot dashing and skillful lover motorcycling, rural biker decided to drop everything, rush off into the distance on his bike to see the world. The way it will not be easy, full of scattered coins that should be collected, different obstacles to overcome that, it will earn bonuses in American blockbusters. Bonuses are interesting and a lot of them. Among the obstacles jumps, fire, the rolling haystacks, falling barrels and trees, shifty rhinoceros. Of course, the biker on the road is not one, there are other riders and oncoming traffic.

Each new level of complexity exceeds the previous one and takes you to another place, for example, the countryside gives way to dense jungle, making the game more interesting, active and fills you with positive emotions.

Key features of the game Rush Star: Bike Adventure:

- A lot of scenes from the movies

- Six locations

- Perfect soundtrack

- A large number of different missions and tasks

- Different motorcycles, from classic to avant-garde

- An opportunity to improve motorcycle

- Different outfits for the heroine to become a motorcycle

- Broad and funny system of bonuses and awards

- The ability to gather a collection

- Record results can be integrated into Facebook

- Download free

Negative characteristics of the game Rush Star: Bike Adventure:

- The presence of Donati

- The presence of advertising

Summary: the emotional game that will appeal to all lovers of very cool bikes, interesting tricks of the blockbusters, and all fans of runners.


Download Rush Star: Bike Adventure apk Free 16.12 MB version 1.0

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