Desktop Dungeons

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Desktop Dungeons - a game for the Android platform in the genre of RPG Developer Finji, who strongly wants to recall the existence of role-playing games, because today the classic role-playing games recede into the background, they displace more simple and beautiful game.

In role-play must be the story. The game Desktop Dungeons it next. Bloodthirsty monsters attacked the defenseless traders, many killed and those who survived founded his kingdom-state, which you have to develop, using a single opportunity to earn in these parts - away wealth that once belonged to your colleagues. In the bowels of the earth a lot of gold and other useful and, at times, interesting minerals that can be mined, shells getter accordingly.

The game has about twenty actors, which can be opened, to build the city. Advanced gameplay is the main feature of the game. It involves not just walk into the underground, but also the construction of the city, for the survival of which you will fight for the development of which you will gain resources.

Key features of the game Desktop Dungeons:

- Interesting story

- A huge number of puzzles, quests and puzzles

- Exceptional randomly generated dungeons

- The perfect musical accompaniment

- About twenty actors

- The possibility to build the city

- Seven different tactics

- The possibility of leveling the kingdom-state

- The ability to play with friends

- Optimized for smartphones

Negative characteristics of the game Desktop Dungeons:

- The game fee - it costs $ 10

- Graphics leave much to be desired

- Imperfect interface

Summary: Of course, the choice to pay or not to pay only for you. If you are a big fan of RPG, you have the chance to fully immerse themselves in the role if you are not having fun on the games in this genre, you probably should not spend money and time because time - money, too.


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