Exploding kegs


Exploding kegs - game for android platform invites you to the fabulous world of the brave dwarves that can change the appearance. Their world - is abandoned mines, caves, dungeons, where the dwarves is a constant confrontation with their enemies - goblins, orcs and other dark forces and their collaborators. You will manage the gnomes so that they do not fall into the traps scattered insidious enemy. You can use against the enemies of special barrels filled with explosives, setting them on the road. Your task - to help the dwarves to release from the dungeon settled there evil and dark forces.

Key features of the game Exploding kegs:

· Fun gameplay

· Four extraordinary world

· Excellent design in the beautiful graphics

· Easy operation

· Impressive effects of explosions

· Brave gnomes and cunning enemies

To play you need to download cache, address: sdcard / Android / obb /

Download Exploding kegs apk Free 43.9 MB version 1.04

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