City Craft 3: TNT Edition


City Craft 3: TNT Edition - an exciting game for the Android platform offers to try to survive in a cubic world, which for thirty years as a broken, because the terrible encompassing disaster destroyed almost all life. The world was plunged into chaos and destruction, and there is not small towns or cities, survived only one town, and he captured bloodthirsty clowns. Agree, not easy to survive in such conditions, but you need to build your home with the new crafting system and bonuses. You are coming battle with Robo Herobrine and other creatures.

The game has three of the world where you have to go via the Portal:

· The world of sand, in which in which you will only see the endless desert with hot sun. There is nothing living - no birds, no animals or plants;

· Cold world in which reigns nuclear winter caused by radiation;

· The world of monsters, in which the reign of various dangerous mutants, and the rain with red sky fray ash.


Download City Craft 3: TNT Edition apk Free 24.57 MB version 1.0.1

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