Kitty in the box


Kitty in the box - the game for the Android platform offers to conduct a "training course" for kittens and teach them to climb in cardboard boxes, because they like to sleep in a box, curled up, but not all of them know how to climb. Your task in this game is that, calculate the speed and direction of motion of a kitten to spend it on a narrow path, hanging in the void, so to the kitten broke and fell down, and was in the safe box. For the performance of tasks provided for bonuses that you can use to purchase costumes for kittens.

Key features of the game Kitty in the box:

· Addictive gameplay

· Huge number of levels

· Well-designed with beautiful graphics and user-friendly controls

· Outdoor fun cheerful kittens


Download Kitty in the box apk Free 47.77 MB version 1.4.4

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