Bus Rush

Game Arcade runner 3d


Bus Rush - game for android platform from the developer Play App King in the genre of traditional runner, in which your character is running on foot from the raging huge gorilla. There is no need to tease the wild animals!

Judging by the traffic on roads and found places parks, gorilla teased in the city zoo, so it will have to run in the city.

It should be noted that the game is somewhat similar to the one of the most popular representatives of the genre - the game Subway Surfers on the developer Kiloo. The game Bus Rush use buses instead of trains. This similarity does not make the game Bus Rush unworthy, on the contrary, can perepast of the glory, and the glory of the great - more than a hundred million users.

Main characteristics and advantages of the game Bus Rush:

· Five actors

· Large number of different obstacles and dangers

· Diversity of roads

· Diverse bonus system

· For the game do not pay

· Lack of in-game purchases

Negative characteristics of the game Bus Rush:

· Passing no annoying ads in the menu between the levels

Summary: The successful project, in terms of good fun gameplay, good in terms of design, so to download, if you love to run.


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