Caves and chasms


Caves and chasms - actions of this game for the android platform occur in the underworld, where the huge caves and winding dungeons full of different obstacles, traps and hiding places that hold the treasures of lost civilizations. The main character - a brave man, who turned out in these underground labyrinths preserved for a long time. Your task - to help him find the exit on each level while finding treasures and dungeons entice residents to ingenious traps. Your hero has a big advantage - it's ultra-modern hammer, with which you can break down the walls, break stone blocks and thus provide a passage to the exit.

The main properties of the game Caves and chasms:

· Fun gameplay to more than 30 exciting levels

· Excellent design with beautiful graphics and easy controls

To play you need to download cache, address: sdcard / Android / obb /



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