Spirit Lords


Spirit Lords - exciting RPG game for Android, adrenaline thriller for the Android platform, which will open to you the mysterious world full of mysteries of the past. In this fantasy world of people's survival depends on the spirits of the dead.

A long time ago, more than one millennium ago, during the war, which bridge the two realms - the realm of the living and the realm of spirits, lost a great and powerful empire. Then in a bloody military confrontation survived only one city. Its residents want from virtually dust restore life, and not just to restore, but to build a new one. The question is whether the war and stopped? To have hope for the future, you need to master the past, revealing its secrets.

To explore new lands and battle mythical beasts find a treasure treasure buried in the ruins of past civilizations. At certain times of the battle you need to use certain features and strengths of powerful spirits, because you will become their ruler for the first time in a long time. If you do not learn to control spirits, your world will collapse and you will become a witness.

The main properties of the game Spirit Lords:

• the original story

• HD graphics console type HD

• at your disposal 200 exceptional way battle

• the ability to update and improve the skills of spirits

• the opportunity to choose the class - a stern barbarian or calculating the magician

• 300,000 combinations for creating and shaping his character

• thousands of weapons and magic armor

• battle with members of different races and their terrible leaders

• Easy management: touch, drag and drop, shift

• the opportunity to improve their skills

• multiplayer games for simultaneous 4 members

Optimized for mobile devices and tablets is supported on all models and permits.


Download Spirit Lords apk Free 24.63 MB version 0.4.4

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