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Leap - game for android platform, made ​​in a minimalist style. Why is minimalism? Because there is a monophonic playing field on which the colored and black and white circles, and that's all.

Your task is to pave the path for the movement of molecules of antimatter, which is moving along this path and collecting colorful circles should not touch the black circles. In the lower levels make it pretty easy, and then you will begin to experience some difficulties, because the trajectories are curved, and it is very difficult not to come into contact with black circles. Regardless of the complexity level, the process of achieving the goal does not change, no other functions you do not need.

It should be noted that the games in the style of minimalism, the market of computer entertainment produced a considerable number, and for the Android platform, and for other mobile platforms, because these games without claims, characterized by sufficient simplicity. Game Leap along with advantages and disadvantages has.

Negative characteristics of the game Leap:

• Game toll - about half a dollar

• insufficient levels much - only 30

• There is no music (and sorry!)

• lack of training and tips that really would not hurt for the passage of challenging levels, where much time is spent on it, to understand what is happening.

Summary: a good game for the android, but the gameplay is very limited number of levels, and paying little, if any, you want to play as long as possible. If the developers take care about increasing the number of levels, you can pay without hesitation.

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