Planes: Fire & Rescue


Planes: Fire Rescue - game for android platform from Disney, calculated as most games of this developer, a children's audience, main character - not Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, and not, and not Little Mermaid, and the plane with the eyes, thrown into the fire and water. Let's look at the game from the perspective of the target audience for which it is designed, namely children and their parents, so that they know what their children play.

Games for children should be characterized by simplicity, not only the gameplay, but the interface. With the game Planes: Fire Rescue p A child will understand easily and independently be able to perform simple tasks.

The developers made sure to give the game variety, so there is a simple and runner, and mosaics, and the game of attentiveness and intelligence, from which the child will come to the indescribable delight.

The main properties of the game Planes: Fire Rescue:

• simple but diverse gameplay and interface

• stunningly beautiful and charming multicolored picture

• vivid drawings, cartoons can insert a long time to captivate the child, giving parents more free time

• airplane with eyes - familiar to many children hero

• compliance with almost all the requirements except one shortage

Negative characteristics of the game Planes: Fire Rescue:

• it is simply inhumane, when children's games contain Donat, because the child is unable to make a decision about spending money and starts to get their adult whining

• only a few games and missions in the game are free, the rest - for the money

Summary: if you have children and you are not willing to spend to purchase pixels for them, download and enjoy the gameplay.

To play you need to download cache, address: sd / android / obb


Download Planes: Fire & Rescue apk Free 18.29 MB version 1.0.1

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