Dungeon Hunter 5

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Dungeon Hunter 5 - once initiated a series of RPG for Android platform was the definition of a breakthrough in the gaming industry. Four previous issue gained popularity in the market crazy, judging not only on statistics in Google Play, but also on the number of downloads hacked games.

Games require a large screen size and resolution than a greater extent, characterized powerful plates, and this reduces the number of the target consumer segment. Today, the market is quite a lot of quality RPG, Dungeon Hunter but still stands out among them. On the crest of popularity, developers decided to create and present the fifth issue. Let's discuss.

The game is complemented by a sanctuary for your treasures that you will defend from other players, which in itself is interesting, but troublesome.

The main properties of the game Dungeon Hunter 5:

· The continuation of a good story, presented in previous editions

· Excellent design with high-quality graphics, good animation

· Thoughtful and exciting gameplay

· Adventures in the five kingdoms

· The opportunity to master and control the five elements

· 150 weapons with the ability to create their own

· 50 variants of armor

· Support online mode

· The ability to play and chat with other players

Negative characteristics of the game Dungeon Hunter 5:

· Essentially a modified version of the fourth edition, which was the most popular, so the mechanics, interface, control left unchanged

· Outdoor world has limited missions

· Availability of ubiquitous Donati, who is able to make the game more interesting

Summary: Each user will find in the game is something for yourself, because the game is beautiful, high-quality and exciting, however, quite demanding and Donat.


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