Office Rumble


Office Rumble - fighting game, a variation on the theme of Fight Club for the Android platform, which is fighting the office staff, and how - with a great sense of humor. These games are not gaining much popularity, but very stand out from the mass of games on the market of computer entertainment.

The essence of the story is that in our world today a large number of young and not so people sits pants (no offense!) In both large and small offices, nothing, by and large, are not made. Whether out of boredom, or for some other reason the heroes of the game Office Rumble decided to go in search of adventure, which resulted in a bloody brawl, but not in the ring, and in public places - toilets, dining rooms, meeting rooms, conference rooms and other quite suitable for this purpose.

Amaze what each character - a certain stereotypical character, for example, the classic office "nerd" or bothersome cleaner, a middle manager in a suit and tie or a colorful blonde with a dog. Each character has its own unique features, moving in their own way. The game provides an opportunity after each victory to improve your character, making it stronger.

As for the design, it should, first of all, to note that this style of comics, which does not require accurate and detailed drawing, but each painted piece has a certain meaning and attracts attention. Due to the style of comic books and, of course, a lot of black humor used in the game, the atmosphere turned undeniably ambitious. Sound very consistent with events and also matched with a sense of humor.

Summary: if you want to experience an unforgettable fun, try the game Office Rumble, distinctive features of which are a good sense of humor and a rather unconventional approach to its implementation, but decent Donat spoils positive impression.


Download Office Rumble apk Free 36.92 MB version 1.15

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