Kiwi Wonderland


Kiwi Wonderland - you know that birds kiwis can not fly, and this runner on the platform Android kiwi bird named Pixie wants to fly like other birds. This is only a dream birds desire to help her than you and should do in this game for the android platform.

The game has something similar to the plot. New Zealand - this is the place in the world, home to birds kiwi. By the way, kiwi depicted on the emblem of New Zealand. Because of the underdeveloped wings Kiwi can not fly. Kiwi bird named Pixie really wants to fly. In the dream, she falls into a magical land where her dearest wish fulfilled.

Due to the fact that the game was created in the genre runner, you must use the jetpack to fly without falling and crashing into obstacles as far as possible, and on the way to collect coins and still, it's a runner!

Management easy to implement, it reminds Retry. If you played in the development of management problems will not be. Coins that you collect along the way, you can then spend on purchasing something useful, bonuses, which can sometimes be found, simplify your progress.

Game Kiwi Wonderland is beautifully decorated with attractive colorful graphics, fine detail and uniform traced animation. The world and the characters came from a beautiful dream.

The main properties of the game Kiwi Wonderland:

· Beautiful graphics

· Nice gameplay

· Convenient and easy operation

· Colorful characters and worlds

· Game free

Negative characteristics of the game Kiwi Wonderland:

· The presence of Donati, who can not use

Summary: a super-runner, beautiful and positive.


Download Kiwi Wonderland apk Free 47.47 MB version 1.1.0

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