Bunsters - Banstery - you can become the main character of the game on Android. To do this, take part in competitions which extend in each update, and type the first 400 points. If you can take the top prize, send your picture, name or any other information that you find interesting and useful, and if you lose, then try your hand at the next stage of the competition in the next game update.

By what rules to play? On the screen, on the playing field quickly flashed two Banstera and other characters - Bonus Life and dead. Your task is to score as many points by clicking on Bansterov, but in this case they become more agile. 250 points scored allow to disperse all dead. Try not to miss Bansterov, because if miss, the game will end quickly. The game also ends if to touch Deadman, but life will give the opportunity to play longer. Go for it, check your reaction and put records.

Download and enjoy!


Download Bunsters apk Free 10.33 MB version 1.0

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