CyberCore - Android game developers BFGStudio for fans to move their gyrus, because it is done in a minimalist style arcade fun. The game looks easier than a game that deserves respect. Such games are always popular.

A few words about the developers - they have no website and CyberCore - their first game for the android platform.

The game contains several dozens of levels, each of which is a non-standard maze. The first levels are not difficult, as is designed to acquaint the user with control and mechanics of the game. In accordance with the gameplay you will control a ball, which is a kind of core and has certain properties that need to be taken into account when passing levels. For example, the ball can change size as a result of simple manipulations. For the functioning of the energy required (by the way, completely free of charge!), Which must be collected at the levels to save lives until the end of the route. By changing the size of the ball, you can get into hard to reach places where the energy, accelerate, schedule, ie, perform actions appropriate to the situation at that contain different danger levels and trap such as, for example, faults, saws, and other various pins. We can say that the gameplay is organized very unusual, which makes it very, very exciting.

As noted above, the game CyberCore decorated in a minimalist style, so is quite simple, but colorful and beautiful picture that will especially enjoy the fans of minimalism. Undoubtedly, the developers have earned positive reviews from you.

The game has a clear advantage is that, firstly, in the absence Donati, and secondly that it is free to the user.

Summary: Stylish arcade game for the Android platform, is a great opportunity to take their free time not mindlessly, and giving food to their gyrus.

Download CyberCore apk Free 17.76 MB version 1.3

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