This Well, wait! 2


This Well, wait! 2 - The classic game on Android. Coming on the market just over a week ago, the game has already said half a million downloads. Let's make a little history.

Even back in the 80s, Soviet designers have decided to make the first game, "Well, wait a minute!", Thus creating competition for Nintendo. Two years later, the game was reprinted here with her something and decided to start a British developers Qplaze. In that distant time one device comprises only one game, but today everything has changed substantially.

First, the previous part of the game was very similar in appearance to the device electronics, but it has gained popularity decent, who numbered more than a million users. In the second part of the developers moved away from the classic appearance. The success of early to judge, but the number of downloads of the second part of the game, which has already indicate popularity.

The game features beautiful lush graphics. According to the story a little bit extended the action takes place in different locations and at different levels. Dial 1000 points, and you will find a bonus - watch the cartoon.

Basic properties of this game Well, wait! 2:

· Two levels of difficulty

· Five different worlds

· Beautiful design: a good interface, beautiful graphics, smooth animation, great sound and music

· A large variety of bonuses

· To your shopping cart can fall twelve different subjects

· Funny dialogues

· Lack of Donata

· Per game do not pay

Negative properties of this game Well, wait! 2:

· Advertising

Summary: A great project, designed with one hand on the children, but many adults will want to remember your childhood and revive old.


Download This Well, wait! 2 apk Free 45.92 MB version 1.3

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