French Fly


French Fly - platformer for Android - it's not the freshest idea, but if it is made ​​qualitatively, why not play. The creators of the game - the developers of the DL Pro Composer - known two parts of the game for the android platform French's World.

In this game you need to fly from place to place, clinging to a rope for a strange-looking trees and poles. So fly, clinging, is endless, the more - the better, you only need to be careful and avoid the aircraft, so as not to face and, accordingly, do not fall.

The game is beautifully decorated, with some cartoon graphics, but with a good animation. Maintained even weak power devices. Physics is quite realistic, your character swings almost naturally and have to work hard to drag it as far as possible.

The main properties of the game French Fly:

· Good design: beautiful graphics, realistic physics, nice sound

· Supports three difficulty levels and three game modes

· Five kinds of impediments to + promised to do more

· No Donath, and there are no shopping

· Promise to update

· Per game do not pay

Negative characteristics of the game French Fly:

· Banality

· Advertising

Summary: you have a free minute, and you go to relax? Why not play in a beautifully decorated and also absolutely free French Fly, especially if you are sympathetic to this genre.


Download French Fly apk Free 10.16 MB version 1.0.1

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