Dwarf King - Five Orcs Battle


Dwarf King - Five Orcs Battle - 8-bit game for Android, designed for lovers of ancient arcade platform. For many users, it will seem very trivial and will not cause much interest, but, in any case, let's talk about it in more detail.

In the game avatar depicts a character very similar to Thorin Oakenshield from the last movie about The Hobbit, but the main character, which you will play, has nothing to do with the image and does not look like a dwarf, although the name of the game tells of a certain King of gnomes. Have to fight more against the orcs, and they are big guys, because the protagonist of one complexion with them, and call it a dwarf not very successful.

The game contains a large number of levels with monotonous repetitive action, if you can call Action. The controls are organized so simple that used for the realization of just two buttons, so your character has a very limited number of functions, namely: he knows how to jump and swing your sword, and that's all! Added to this is very simple 8-bit design, although the 8-bit games are too steep, but this is unfortunately not so. We can say that the game does not cause any emotion, just get bored.

On the other hand in such simplicity can find something positive - that's what the game is suitable for any android characteristics. The game is absolutely free and does not contain any Donati. However, in the lower left corner is placed a small ad unit, but it does not bother me. Make their own decisions, to download or not, play or not play.

The main properties of the game Dwarf King - Five Orcs Battle:

· The gameplay is varied and not very easy

· The game is made ​​in the style of 8-bit

· Primitive management

· Game is supported and tablets, and phones

· No need to pay

Summary: In a nutshell, this game is for a very specific segment of users, those who love the game in this genre and style.


Download Dwarf King - Five Orcs Battle apk Free 9.35 MB version 1.0.1

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