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robotex - not an easy game for Android hardkordnaya to the same fee. The game was created for a fairly narrow segment of consumers - hardcore.

Game robotex, oddly enough, has a straightforward and rather ordinary story, but very relevant, because it is associated with the problem of clogging of the people of the planet on which they live. The game shows, when fouling peaked and caused a critical situation in which there was a need to find a new house. In this new home should be a different planet, requires certain studies that will be under constant control of your robot. In fact, you'll have to fly through the 2D levels and shoot, doing so, his mission to save mankind.

How is the gameplay? Process control, ie, flying and shooting, made only two buttons. Problems characterized by a certain complexity lies in the fact that you expect obstacles that can be overcome by maneuvering around them, and the evil enemies that are well disguised and impinge on your life. Dangers arise from everywhere - top, bottom, left, right, beware. In addition, your robot is not very maneuverable and after the collision can fly in any direction.

Gameplay takes place at a very fast pace. Stored only in designated areas marked with an asterisk, which is not so easy to see when the great mission. It's safe to say that no one level can not be beat on the first try.

The game is framed with a simple graphic that supports a rather dull image on large screens.

To download a game, you have to pay $ 1, lot or a little, it is necessary to pay or not, you decide.

Summary: not a perfect game robotex created for people with iron nerves and incredible concentration, ready to overcome any obstacles on the way to save civilization.


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