Miracle Fly


Miracle Fly - retro platformer for Android, made ​​in the beautiful graphics. Everything would be very nice if the developers did not "nahomyachili" with management. But let us all in order.

Several fancy fantasy that will be called thin storyline, rather than plot. The main character - a girl who can not cope with their nightmares, so they decided to penetrate the 2D world to understand what is happening to them and curb their nightmares, ending their terrorizing effects. Three girls, and between them there is no difference, so do not care who you choose.

Levels - a maze, located mainly vertically through which need to wade, and as a result fly into the portal, which will transfer to the next level. For fun, because it does not matter, on the way, you can destroy a strange-looking and collect coins and red gems, and this principle, because it is very useful.

Developers uniquely namudrili with the system and the flight control system of the characters. Girls, for example, can not move on a hard surface, and can only stand on it and can fly. Somewhat annoying flight control, but you can get used to - to fly right, you need to click on the left side of the screen!

Flight is limited in time. Limiter is a blue bar, which is consumed during the flight. To restore the blue charge to stop the firmament and stand for a few seconds. Strange, but if you come to a wall or fall, nothing will happen.

Summary: A good platformer with nice graphics and quite exciting levels, but inconvenient administration. If you manage not annoying, play and have fun.


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