Crossy Road


Crossy Road - great arcade game for Android, you can play forever. You will have no easy task - you need to transfer a small bird across a busy road or rough river or railroad tracks. If you think it's easy, you are very wrong, because translate the bird through the teeming traffic arteries is very difficult. You will come to the aid of tapas and swipe.

The mechanics of the game is very similar to already bothered Flappy Bird. Overcome line and earn points, which are counted after the death of the birds. For coins and experience, you can open additional characters.

The game's graphics Crossy Road for Android is developed in a cubic form, with a very bright and saturated colors. Cool soundtrack complements the very game.

Bottom line: we can say that the developers put into the game Crossy Road soul, in that, despite the fact that we see another endless arcade, it deserves your attention!

Download and enjoy!


Download Crossy Road apk Free 18.98 MB version 1.1.11

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