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Pinball Planet - a game created by developers from LuGus Studios for Android devices, along with well-known solitaire is built into Windows, which provides it with enormous popularity. The game is dynamic and contains the possibility to change the gameplay and the development of the events, for which the developers have made it applicable. To pay or not to pay for the game, everyone decides for himself alone, and we will introduce you to its features.

Game Pinball Planet correctly can be attributed to the genre of the traditional classic pinball, and as you know, the classic is always in the subject and uses excessive demand at a certain range of users, so that fans can not do without.

There is one feature that distinguishes this product from other games in this genre - is a high level of complexity. The complexity is not determined by the gameplay, which is quite simple, and that the transition to the next level is possible only if a certain number of stars that can not be purchased for Donath, and can only be earned. In the beginning, when you go to the first level, you get a starter stars. You need to increase their number to go to the next location, and it will take a lot of time. Regard it as an advantage or a fault depends on your temperament.

The main characteristics and advantages of the game Pinball Planet:

· Traditional classic game

· Framed in a good graphics using physics

· Ball interacts with all that is proposed in the online world

· Contains a large number of exciting playing fields

· Large number of exciting missions and tasks

Negative characteristics of the game Pinball Planet:

· A game you have to pay about three dollars

· To open a new level, you need to earn a star, and this for a long time

Summary: For fans of the genre classics and it's safe to say that the game is good, you can spend the money if you do not mind.


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